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"Monitoring for the home user"

FTMON is more than just a Perl based monitoring engine.

If you are an End User FTMON gives you the ability to be notified of happenings such as the latest news of interest, when your bank account is getting low or if the temperature outside is dropping - just to name a few monitors. Also, because FTMON has a Webmin interface it is easy for you to adjust thresholds and settings. You don't have to be a Perl programmer. For example you could configure FTMON to page you on late breaking news on a particular topic.

If you are a Developer FTMON provides a standard way of instrumenting (and documenting) applications so you can provide End Users and System Administrators with a common web based interface into how your application is performing and should be managed.

If you are a System Administrator FTMON provides a framework to incorporate all your scripts in one place with the ability to share them as "plug and play" with your peers.

Notification can be via Festival Lite speech software, paging, mail or via integration with MisterHouse (A popular home automation solution) to name a few. FTMON offers scalability with the ability to interface with large scale Systems Monitoring solutions such as BigBrother and Tivoli. In addition FTMON has built in extensibility to interface to other vendor products as well.

For the open source community FTMON does for system monitoring what Webmin does for system configuration in moving away from point solutions for individual products to a more consistent and standard approach to monitoring.